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Wide Width Extrusion Lamination Plant

Wide width Extrusion Lamination

Welcome to Gujarat Machinery Pvt Ltd, your destination for Wide Width Extrusion Lamination Plants in India. Our cutting-edge LAMISTARTM Series Extrusion Coating and Laminating Lines come equipped with the latest centralized PLC control System, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and precision.
Our state-of-the-art lamination machines are designed to process PP/LDPE Lamination Grade Polymer Raw Materials for a variety of coating and laminating applications. From producing laminated/coated woven wider width flat fabric of PP or HDPE to manufacturing tarps, geotextiles, pond lining, mulching, and various covering applications, our machines deliver exceptional results.
Experience the next generation of technology with Gujarat Machinery Pvt Ltd and revolutionize your production capabilities today.


  • Centralized PLC System Control With Full Touch Screen Color HMI
  • Extruder Gearbox, Helical Type With In Built Cooling Arrangement.
  • On Line Polymer Granule ( Raw ,Material) Mixer With Drying Facility Dosing And Mixing Unit ^
  • Melt Pump System ^
  • Precision "Coat Hanger" Design Die With Both Side Deckling System Corona Treatment System To Reduce Surface Energy Of Substrate For Better Bonding
  • Online Fabric Roll Changeover System In Un Winder Unit For Continuous Operation.
  • Pneumo Hydraulic Type Web Guiding System With Edge Position Controller.
  • Electronic Auto Tension Control System For Unwinding And Rewinding (Surface Winder) Unit
  • Substrate Fabric Path Compensating System.
  • Electronic Fully Automatic Edge Trim Cutting System*
  • Unique On-Line Edge Trim Winding System.
  • Mirror/Matt Super Finish Laminator Roller With The Provision For Cleaning Or De Scaling
  • Sandwich Unwinding Unit With Tension Controlling System For Production Of Multilayer Laminated Substrate
  • Continuous Contact/Surface/Friction Rewinder With Auto Roll Changeover System For Nonstop Operation*
  • Pneumatic/ Air Shafts For Unwinding And Re-Winding Unit*
  • Power Regulated Heating Control.
  • Option Of Electric Chain Hoisting System For Roll Loading & Un Loading ^
  • Option Of Custom Solutions As Per Buyer's Requirements.
  • Substrate Fabric Stretching System For Unwrinkled Substrate Fabric Entry Into The Laminator Nip Rolls.
  • Innovative Tangent Point Setting System Of Laminator Roll Assembly
Ready to elevate your production standards? Experience the cutting-edge technology of Gujarat Machinery Pvt Ltd's Wide Width Extrusion Lamination Plant. Contact us now to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards transforming your manufacturing process.


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